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The SLOW FOOD philosophy km 0 is the basis of our cuisine: we strive to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and encourage farming of plants, seeds and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem.

Among our raw ingredients we count: meat from Modicana cow – bred and grown in the wild lands of Sinis, near Oristano, fish strictly caught in the Gulf of Oristano, vegetables from organic local production, extra-virgin olive oil from the olives of our land.

However, above all, our pride is the “Bio cereal salad” to be enjoyed with our assorted appetizers.

Precious labels from all over Italy are available for tasting at our Wine Bar every day, from breakfast time to Happy hour …

Rent an umbrella with long-chairs at Maimoni Café to enjoy the beautiful quartz beach in complete relaxation…

Enjoy your fully deserved relax! Book a Shiatsu massage at the Maimoni Café…


Servizi Extra

Services and excursions listed below are provided by our partner company “Cultour”,
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